Whataburger is a regional fast food 

chain restaurant. Rite now, it's target audience is mainly located in Texas however the company is looking to expand its market.


Thus, our team solution was to inspire Whataburger stans to celebrate the special moments they missed and share their #Whatamoment on Tik Tok. 

Bloom_Campaign1 (dragged).jpg

Tiktok Ad Storyboard

This is a mockup as to how the original Tik Tok would look like.

Storyboard mock .PNG


Different Whataburger locations would feature POP advertising to bring awareness of the Tik Tok challenge.

Tiktok Mockups

burger flex.png

Gift Box Mockup

Top of box .PNG

At the end of the challenge, Winners with the most memorable Whatamoment would receive Gift boxes from the company to help them celebrate their moment.