Respond2Racism is a collaborative platform that aims at responding to racism against Asians. At this moment, their main tool is a twitter bot (@respond2racism) that posts tips, articles, facts, stories and videos regarding the racist comments people make on twitter.

Bloom Campaign #2 Respond2Racism 3.02.27

Their goal is to expand to other minority groups that experience racism and to create resources that are fun, education and highly-shareable. Our team solution was to create  an educational game that can be integrated into schools core curriculum to help  teachers educate about racism and social inequality for the grades k-8. We also created a new bot called Learn2Respond that will advertise to teachers and education administrators to encourage game play and teaching about racism.  


My role in this project was to design deliverables for my team and come up with an educational resource that would expose this bot to millions. Specifically, I created the games world (background), chat boxes and different social media advertisements. I also created a twitter mockup that shows how the bot could potentially comment on a principals post. 


Untitled_Artwork 7-2.png



User Experience


Instagram iphone mockup.png
Twitter Post Mockup.png

Finding a way to educate teachers as many do not know how to approach this topic in a classroom was one of the challenges that I faced in creating this project.  Additionally, one of the biggest obstacles was to find a way to tract the students success and to keep the different age group engage in a single game. However, the solutions were easy: designing a teacher workshop, an achievement bar and a change of game play as the player grow.