The company’s purpose of the logo is for shirt printing, punch cards, and for official documents. However, the client wanted two different logo for the shirts and for the punch card. With that in mind, I designed two logos that would be better suited for each. Since the clients were unsure of the color patterns to use, I created a color system with the different design possibilities in the logo. 

Kay Tilou is a reselling house in Haiti focused on selling to small Haitian commerces that are on the streets. Many of the buyers are uneducated and are unable to read, thus I was tasked to create a logo that would speak to them visually. 


“Kay” is the Haitian Creole word for house. With this in mind, I wanted to incorporate the idea of a house into my design. Seeing that this reselling company solely sell clothes I brought my idea to life by incorporating a house roof and a cloth hanger. 


Color Theory



Hand Holding Business Card.jpg
T-shirt Mockup.jpg