Haiti is the first free black republic and the second antecedent county in the Western Hemisphere. The country takes pride in that and its extraordinary history as the Perle of the Antilles. Many are unaware of this fact and sees Haiti as what the media portrays it to be poor and as a “shithole”. 


The goal of this branding and campaign is to help with the advancement of tourism in Haiti, specifically Cap-Haitian where the last battle was fought towards independence. With this the slogan, One City One History was formed to show the city’s historical significance. 


The colors red and blue are representation of the country’s flag, while the orange represents the country’s tropical state and joyful nature while the teal represents the hope that Haitian’s have for a brighter future. 

The drawings are done with line work much similar to the Veve style of art in haiti. The artwork is a compilation of things you can find and learn about the city. Much like the representation in the logo the beach are represented by waves, leafs and mountain representing the city’s environment. However the drawings are more in-depth as it includes aspects for the history represented by cannons, the leaf in the middle a representation of the Haitian flag, the sun for the climate, and two structures representing the cathedral in the center of cap Haitian

Artboard 4ASSETS.jpg


The typography that is designed for the

Cap-Haitian logo represents many symbols. For one, the A represents a mountain like shape as for the mountainous nature of the country. H for the waves of the beach and I has a leaf shape like dot representing nature.

Artboard 1_4.png


Different Whataburger locations would feature POP advertising to bring awareness of the Tik Tok challenge.




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