Catalogue for Atelier Jeudi Soir

Athelier Jeudi Soir is a Haitian literary production association. They publish collective written pieces of work of writers that are apart of the association. This Haitian association was missing a book catalog that names all of their recently published books. In this project, I used Indesign and Photoshop as I was responsible for creating the catalog and all of the elements within including choosing fronts, colors, and layouts.

An issue that arose in working in this project was the page and size constraint as the book only was half a legal-size paper and 12 pages. Given the number of books and length of summaries, I had to work closely with the main writers and founders of the organization to make sure the final product was what they envisioned. Additionally, many of the work had to be translated and were written in different languages as the main languages in Haiti are Haitian Creole and French.